Bioserve is the Electronic Forum that provides a means for direct communications to peers within the profession.

APB Electronic Forums are provided to members of the APB as a service through Bioserve.  They will involve debate and information exchange on topics related to the APB and the practice of professional biology unless otherwise stated.  Expect over 500 individuals to appreciate any information or perspectives that you bring to their electronic doorstep.

“This is a privilege in as much as it is a service in that it provides a means for direct communications to peers within the profession.”

As a subscriber of the APB Electronic Forum you can:
  • Follow debates on topics related to professional biology among members of the APB.
  • Exchange information with other professional biologists.
  • Stay informed on the latest news and happenings in the field of biology by receiving BioGleanings, the short notes sent regularly by the APB to its members.
  • Advertise Events and Workshops and/or receive information on upcoming biological events.

Download the APB Electronic Forums Use Policy for guidelines on how to use Bioserve. 

Technical Support

How do I post on Bioserve?

Please send your message (with or without attachments) as an email to [email protected].

What Messages to BioServe will require approval?

  • All messages with attachments will require approval because there is a 40 KB limit on the size of message.
  • Messages sent from a non-subscribed email address.You may receive an automated note that says you are not a member (when you actually are a member). The most likely cause is if you are sending the posting from a different email address than the one listed in our database. Your APB profile is linked to an email address which is also used for your subscription to Bioserve.
  • If you cc the post to a long list of recipients the message may require approval.

Why did it take so long for my posting to reach my email inbox?
Even when your message doesn’t require approval, the larger the attachment/post, the longer  the delay in reaching members’ email inboxes.

How do I reply to a message from BioServe?

  • If you hit “reply” the message will be sent to the APB Office only.
  • If you hit “reply all”, it will be sent to everyone on BioServe listserve.
  • If you wish to reply to the sender only, you must send your reply to the sender’s email address.

See APB Electronic Forums Use Policy for instructions on how to: 

  • Subscribe to Bioserve (you must be a member of the APB)
  • Access Bioserve Archives
  • Set Digest Mode in your Bioserve settings to receive all the BioServe messages
    as a “daily digest” instead of several individual emails.
  • Interrupt mail delivery temporarily in Bioserve settings
  • Change the email address you use to subscribe to Bioserve
  • Unsubscribe from Bioserve

If you have questions on Bioserve, please contact the APB Office ([email protected]; 250-483-4283)