The APB Newsletter

The APB Newsletter is downloadable and includes a Letter from the President, information about the APB's goals, programs and benefits, and member profiles.

Download the latest issue of the APB Newsletter here.


BioNotes: The APB e-Newsletter

BioNotes is an e-Newsletter that offers a diverse and easy to digest 'dim sum' approach to information sharing.  APB can use this format to issue newsletters more frequently, cover more diverse content, and post Continuing Professional Development opportunities.
The most recent edition of BioNotes can be accessed here.



BioNews was the official publication of the Association of Professional Biology.  It has been replaced by BioNotes.  BioNews was published quarterly and contained summary information of interest to members and external affiliates. To enquire about archived editions of BioNews, please contact:

Association of Professional Biology
Suite 300-1095 McKenzie Ave., Victoria, BC, V8P 2L5
Telephone: 250-483-4283   Fax: 250-483-3439
[email protected]