Awards & Recognition

Call for Nominations of Awards and Special Recognition

Each year, the APB provides a number of award opportunities to members of the Association. You can nominate someone by filling out the Awards Nomination form specific to each awards and submitting your nomination package to the APB office.   Please send nomination package to, or mail to: 

APB - Association of Professional Biology
300-1095 McKenzie Avenue
Victoria, BC V8P 2L5

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The Ian McTaggart-Cowan Award for Excellence in Biology

The Ian McTaggart-Cowan Award For Excellence in Biology is sponsored entirely by the APB. This award is presented periodically to a member in good standing of the APB in recognition of a significant contribution to the biological sciences in B.C.

This award is not an annual award, but is granted when a member, or in exceptional circumstances two or three members, have made an outstanding contribution to biology.

Domenico Iannidinardo, President of the Association of Professional Biology, David Low, recipient of the Ian McTaggart-Cowan Award in 2017, and Astrid van Woudenberg,Director of the APB (left to right).


Nominations must have the written endorsement of at least five registered members of the APB. They must include a complete description of the biological contribution made by the nominee, a brief biographical sketch including education and training, professional responsibilities and accomplishments and any previous awards and honors. 

Download nomination form.

President’s Award

The President’s Award is presented only in special circumstances in recognition of exemplary service to the Association of Professional Biology (APB) or Professional Biology. This award can be presented to non-members.

Domenico Iannidinardo, President of the Association of Professional Biology, and Linda Stordeur, recipient of the President's Award in 2017.

Nomination process:  The APB President makes a recommendation to the Board, complete with rationale for the recommendation.  Board discusses the recommendation and votes on the nomination.

Gold Pin

The APB Gold Pin is awarded to members who have been with the Association for 20 years.  These members are honored at the Annual APB Awards Banquet on the 20th anniversary of their involvement with the Association.

Congratulation to all members who reach this milestone!

W. Young Award for Integrated Resource Management

This award, sponsored jointly with the Association of B.C. Forest Professionals, honors a B.C. individual or association who has demonstrated significant accomplishments in integrated fisheries, forestry or wildlife-forestry management.

Gerry Leering, President of the Association of Professional Biology, Harold Armleder, recipient of the Bill Young Award in 2009, and Jon Lok, President of the Association of BC Forest Professionals (from left to right).

Nominations should be made by five members in good standing of the APB or of the Association of BC Forest Professionals and must include a biographical sketch of the nominee and their contribution to integrated resource management.

Download Nomination form.

Fellowship in Association of Professional Biology (FAPB)

The designation of Fellow in Association of Professional Biology (FAPB) complements the APB’s suite of awards by acknowledging members with significant continuous involvement in the APB with consistent support of its stated purposes.  This designation is reserved for members that stand as role models who bring distinction to the profession with inspiration and mentorship to other members.

David Polster, Andy Matysiak, Liz Stanlake, Alison Peatt, Al Peatt, Domenico Iannidinardo President of the APB, and Debora Stanyer

Life membership

The Directors may, upon written nomination by seven (7) or more regular members of the Association in good standing, approve the designation of a retired member to life member if the member:

  • is 55 years of age or older;
  • has been a regular member of the Association for 25 or more continuous years unless extenuating circumstances can be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Directors; and
  • has made an exemplary contribution to professional biology.

Life members retain their regular membership as a retired member but pay no annual fees. A life member remains a voting member and shall continue to have a single vote in the affairs of the Association.

Fred Bunnell recipient of the Life Membership, Domenico Iannidinardo, President of the Association of Professional Biology, and Ian Hatter recipient of the Life Membership (left to right).

The Biology Professional of the Year Award

The Biology Professional of the Year (formerly The Biologist of the Year Award) was added in 1993. This award recognizes shorter term contributions to biological science and the application of biology, and recognizes local or regional achievement, rather than provincial or national achievement. This award is distinct from the Award for Excellence in Biology in that it recognizes shorter term contributions to biological science and the application of biology in a local or regional area. The award will be presented at the AGM for outstanding contributions by a member or a team to applied biology and to the advancement of professional biology.

Download Nomination form.

Dr. Jennifer Balke - Biology Professional of the Year 2018

Dr. Jennifer Balke is in all senses of the word a "community ecologist," and represents the highest ethical standards of the APB.   Her commitment to, and leadership in, her community's conservation and stewardship projects have made her one of the most respected figures on Denman and Hornby Islands.  As many well known Canadian zoologists who were products of MacTaggart-Cowan's teaching, such as Dr. Bob Gainer, who almost single-handedly lead Parks Canada's brucellosis recovery programme after working with African elephants, Jenny began her career in Nanaimo only to go to Zimbabwe before returning to Canada via Missouri.  But it was her home on Denman that drew her back to biology.  In a quiet unassuming way, she is the prolific author of scientific papers and reports - several on her favourite research topic... otters...  otter research and management.  So, if you want to know what we learnt about the impact of Exxon Valdes on otters, and what otter recovery techniques were developed - ask Jenny - she wrote the guiding paper on that.

For the benefit of all British Columbians, it is Jenny who rediscovered Taylor's Checkerspot Butterfly (Euphydryas editha taylori) which many of us thought had been eliminated from the Comox Valley, and so it is Jenny who spearheaded a magnificent recovery program. And now, amongst her many other projects, she now leads a bat recovery project which involves members of her community.  She is infectious, as some of the viruses she has written about!  The list of her accomplishment driven by a rare dedication to providing her community with the necessary scientific tools to preserve and restore its unique environmental values is too long to list here, but there is no doubt that Jenny exemplifies stewardship values cherished by all the membership of the Association of the Professional Biologists of BC, that her distinguished community work is a model for all and that she most deserves the "Biology Professional of the Year" Award.