Bioserve is the Electronic Forum that provides a means for direct communications to peers within the profession.

Expect over 1,000 individuals to appreciate any information or perspectives that you bring to their electronic doorstep.

As a subscriber of the APB Electronic Forum you can

  • Follow debates on topics related to professional biology among members of the APB.
  • Exchange information with other professional biologists.
  • Stay informed on the latest news and happenings in the field of biology by receiving BioGleanings, the short notes sent regularly by the APB to its members.
  • Advertise Events and Workshops and/or receive information on upcoming biological events.
  • Search Bioserve Archives to catch up on missed communications.

APB Electronic Forums Use Policy

Electronic Forums of various formats may be provided to members of the APB as a service. This is a privilege in as much as it is a service in that some forums provide a means for direct communications to peers within the profession. In general, if you would be comfortable knocking on someone’s office door to share some information, and its topic relates to that particular forum, it is likely that posting that information or comment is appropriate. Members are busy and deserve to expect only useful and pertinent information originating from APB forums. APB Electronic Forums will involve debate and information exchange on topics related to the APB and professional biology unless otherwise stated. Expect over 1,000 individuals to appreciate any information or perspectives that you bring to their electronic doorstep.

  1. This Electronic Forums Use Policy is approved by the Board of Directors and is to be read in context with all APB policies, in particular, the APB Privacy Policy.
  2. Forums will not be moderated unless explicitly noted for a particular forum. Non-moderated forums are a unique opportunity amongst a peer group to exchange ideas relevant to the APB.
  3. The information exchanged or provided on APB Electronic Forums is for a restricted audience of professionals (made up of subscribed APB members) and are in no way intended to be a public forum. BioServe(s)-styled postings, BioNotice, and any other APB documents accessed through member-only level of access cannot be distributed without express written permission of the APB.
  4. The APB is not responsible for any information posted by individuals and does not necessarily condone, agree, or warranty any such information or opinion.
  5. The APB may unsubscribe any member from an electronic forum if it believes that member will not maintain the intent of efficient, professional information and opinion exchange on APB Electronic Forums. Furthermore, the APB reserves the right to change or close any electronic forum at any time.
  6. APB members are not permitted to allow others (member or not) to use their login information to access information or participate in electronic forums.
  7. Questions or concerns about information or behaviour on APB Electronic Forums are to first be sent directly to the APB Office, where it will be reviewed with the appropriate Director. This includes reviewing potential materials prior to posting if there is uncertainty about its appropriateness for use.


Information about the APB Member Listserves

Both BioNotice and BioServe are listserves for the APB and members communications.  Once you have been accepted as a member of the APB, you were subscribed to both list serves (unless your application was missing an email address.)  It is used as a communications tool among the members of the APB.

Q: What is the difference between BioNotice and BioServe?  Who can post to BioNotice and BioServe?

A: BioNotice is the communications tool for the APB Board and Executive to get important notices and updates out to all members. Access is generally restricted to the Registrar or the Managing Director to send notices to the members.  BioServe on the other hand is the key communications tool for members to connect with other members.

Q: Do I need to ask for permission to post anything to BioNotice or BioServe?

A: All messages sent to BioNotice will automatically say that they require approval, but they will be rejected because members are not allowed to post messages to BioNotice, as mentioned above.

Q: Under what circumstances does a message to BioServe require approval?

A: There are several reasons why a message that you try to post might require approval.

  • 1) (This is probably the most common one.)  Your message is too large.  There is a 40 kb limit on the size of message, so basically if you send an attachment, it will require approval.
  • 2) It says that you are not a member (when you actually are a member).  The most likely cause is if you are sending the posting from a different email address than the one listed on our database.  (The database only has space for 1 email address, and we use that to confirm whether or not you are really a member so we cannot add 2nd or 3rd email addresses to BioServe and BioNotice.  Plus all those additional addresses will drive up the operating cost of the listserves.)
  • 3) If you send the post to a lot of people at the same time or cc a long list, sometimes it will say that the message requires approval.

Q: Can non-members post things to BioServe?

A: No, this is not a public list serve, you must be a member of the APB.  Almost every day, there is someone trying to send spam to BioServe and BioNotice.  If non-members were allowed to post the listserves could potentially be flooded with spam (and most, if not all, of the spam is not biology related and/or are inappropriate). As well BioServe is an affinity service – a member benefit that is supported through member dollars.

Q: How do I post something to BioServe?

A: You just send the message (with or without attachments) as an email to

Q: Why did it take so long for my posting to reach my email inbox.

A: Messages without attachments and are under 40 kb usually have little or no delay.  If there is any delay, its probably a temporary one because of the server.  Messages larger than 40 kb require approval, but that isn’t where the delay is most of the time.  Basically the larger the attachment/post, the longer the delay in reaching members email inboxes.  For example, a job posting with a really large attachment recently was approved in the morning around 10 am, but it did not show up in the email inboxes until about 2 pm.

Q: How do I reply to a message from BioServe?

A: If you just hit “reply” the message will be sent to the Registrar only, while if you hit “reply all”, it will be sent to everyone on BioServe listserve.  If you wish to reply to the sender only, you should send it to the senders email address.

Q: How do I remove myself from BioServe?

A: You can remove yourself by visiting: and entering your email address in the appropriate textbox and then by clicking on “unsubscribe or edit options”. You can also change your setting so that you receive all the BioServe messages as a “daily digest” instead of several individual emails.  There is also a link there to view the archive of past BioServe messages. Hitting reply all and sending a note to the whole list serve maynot result in you getting unsubscribed quickly, but it will spam all other members of the list serve.

If you have any other questions that are not answered above, please contact the APB Office (; 250-483-4283)