About Membership

Becoming a voting member in the Association of Professional Biology requires that you must first be a member in good standing of an accredited regulatory natural resource organization (e.g.: College of Applied Biology (CAB) in B.C., Alberta’s Society of Professional Biologists (ASPB)). The exception is for the  ‘Affiliate’ Membership, a ‘non voting’ membership, in which you can find the details on our membership registration page. Membership in the APB is renewed on an annual basis, January 1 to December 31.

In addition to regular membership, the APB has three specific designations that are periodically awarded, two for voting members and one for non-voting members. Life Member designation recognizes long serving APB members who have made a significant positive contribution to the Association during their membership. Fellow in Association of Professional Biology (FAPB) is a designation for long serving active members who have displayed exemplary application of the APB’s purposes during their career. Honourary Membership is a category where non-biology professionals are granted a symbolic, non-voting membership in the association in recognition of their great contribution to the science of biology.

Membership in the APB confers many advantages such a networking opportunities with a wide array of specialists through our BioServe Forum, BioNotes the APB e-Newsletter and other APB sponsored events such as the acclaimed Annual Professional Biology Conference. Further benefits include direct access to job postings and relevant local training/mentoring opportunities. We also offer affinity programs such as discounted group professional insurance, discounts for training and professional development programs, medical plans, and other professional resources. If you have questions please feel free to contact the APB office. (250.483.4283)