Constitution & Bylaws


The Constitution of the APB identifies the Association and declares the principles under which it operates. Specifically, it states:

1. The name of the Society is APB – Association of Professional Biology.

2. The purposes of the Association are to:

  • Encourage the development and application of sound biological principles in the management and conservation of resources;
  • Assist Biology Professionals in the development and maintenance of high professional standards in management, research and education related to biological resources;
  • Inform and advise industry, governments and the public of the potential impacts on biological resources of land use and resource development proposals;
  • Promote liaison with other professional associations for mutual professional development; and
  • Engage in such other activities as are complementary to the purposes of the Association.



The bylaws are rules governing matters such as members' rights and privileges, fees, meetings, and the Board of Directors. Click this link to read the Constitution and Bylaws in their entirety.