APB comments on the future of wildlife management in BC.

Association of Professional Biology Responds to Proposed Approach from Former BC Liberal government to Managing Wildlife in British Columbia through a separate agency.

  • The Association of Professional Biology (APB) represents an independent voice for Biology Professionals in British Columbia.
  • Sees the proposed new agency as lacking an essential science-based mandate
  • Asks that BC’s new government involves accredited, independent wildlife biology professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to inform decision-making with reliable science.

VICTORIA (July 10 2017) – In the spring of this year, the then BC Liberal government proposed a new approach to managing wildlife in BC. While details remain scarce, the Province proposed that wildlife be managed through a separate agency to roll out in fall of 2017. The provincial government identified a number of stakeholder groups that it would approach for developing this new agency. To date it is unclear who has been included in discussions other than organizations with a vested interest in the harvest of wildlife resources, mainly for commercial benefit. What are the plans of BC’s new government on this issue?

The Association of Professional Biology letter to Premier-designate John Horgan and Leader of the Green Party of BC Dr. Andrew Weaver stated, “The success of a new provincial wildlife management agency will depend on its ability to represent the diversity of values that our society holds for wildlife, which include inherent values independent of human use. Wildlife management is complex, because wildlife represents diverse values to people, and because species and ecosystems are dynamic. Yet the proposed agency does not appear to have any mandate to address the health and management of the ecosystems that BC’s wildlife depends on, or the management for Species at Risk.  Rather, its mandate appears to be the exclusive management of big game and fur-bearing species – wildlife that is harvested to generate revenue for the province and special interests.”

The APB has expressed its concerns over the need for the new Provincial Government to integrate sound science in stewarding natural resources in BC.  If the provincial government wishes to continue moving forward on this new wildlife agency, consultation must include organizations and individuals that are accountable to the public interest. The APB believes its members have a key role to play in that regard by bringing an objective, science-based perspective to the table.

Read the full letter: Letter to BC Government on Proposed Wildlife Mgmt Agency

The APB represents applied biology professionals who specialize in the study, management and conservation of living organisms and the environment. APB advocates on behalf of its members and promotes high professional standards and sound science in management of natural resources, as well as providing professional development and networking opportunities.

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