APB signs the Science Pledge

The last few years has seen substantial changes to regulation and legislation at the provincial and federal level greatly affecting the profession and practice of applied biology in BC. Indeed these issues go well beyond BC’s borders.

The Association of Professional Biology has a commitment to raise a voice on behalf of you our members. It is our role to address policy decisions or actions (and conversely inaction) that result in an environment where the ability of our members is to work effectively and responsibly is impacted. Examples include our response to the federal Bill C-38 (amendments to the Federal Fisheries Act) and subsequent meeting with federal representatives in Ottawa, or our testimony on a number of provincial task forces and review panels.

While our focus is at the provincial level, these actions reflect that there are times when there is a need to align ourselves on issues that go beyond BC’s borders. Recently the national advocacy organization Evidence for Democracy opened a call for individuals and organizations to show their support by signing on to a national Science Pledge, committing to support actions that put evidence before politics to uphold the security, health, and prosperity of all Canadians. The APB does not generally get involved in issue specific campaigns of this nature. However we of the APB Board and Executive felt that the “Science Pledge” reflected a high level of complementarity to the mission and purpose of the Association as well as the core obligations and responsibilities of our profession to protect the public interest.

With the increasing reliance on professional due diligence, the ever-changing regulatory landscape and increasing stressors on our biosphere we felt the pledge has come at a timely juncture in the work of the APB.

So today we would like to share with you that the APB has signed the pledge which reflects that as a unique voice for biology professionals, we believe that: “… all Canadians benefit when governments solicit, collect and use the evidence and expertise needed to make smart policy decisions that safeguard the health, safety and prosperity of Canadians. [We] support actions that invest in public-interest science; ensure open, honest and timely communication of scientific information; and make public the evidence considered in government decisions.”

If you have any questions please contact me at info@professionalbiology.com or 250-483-4283.