Join APB/Renew Membership

Regular Membership

This membership is available only to members in good standing of accredited regulatory natural resource organizations such as the College of Applied Biology (CAB) in B.C., and the Alberta’s Society of Professional Biologists (ASPB).

Note: APB membership is as per calendar year and is valid until December 31.

General Regular Memberships $85.00

Student $25.00

Retired Annual $50.00

Retired Permanent $200.00

‘Retired Permanent’ is a long term membership option for retired members. It is an alternative to renewing annually. Retired members can do a one-time payment and see their APB membership remains valid as long as they are in good standing with an accredited organisation (CAB- ASPB).

Associate Membership $85.00

If you are interested to join as an associate membership, please contact our office.
( 250-483-4283)
This membership option is for those who are not members in good standing with an accredited organization such as CAB or ASPB, and do not have professional designation provided by these organizations (e.g. RPBio). ‘Associate’ members do not have the ability to vote or provide direction for APB. They can enjoy all other membership benefits offered by the Association. ‘Associate’ members of APB must sign a waiver to ensure the APB, CAB and ASPB are not held liable, should an ‘Associate’ member be found using unauthorized professional designation.