Media & Advocacy

APB Informs, Advises, and Advocates

APB informs and advises industry, government, and the public of the potential impact of policy and legislation on biological resources. APB also advocates on behalf of its members, and guides dialogue on timely issues with members, affiliated associations and other external parties. APB has developed policy to establish the criteria and define the process to be followed when the Association engages in advocacy. Details are presented in the “Professional Biology Advocacy Policy”. While there may be many issues and opportunities of interest to individual members, the APB will restrict its direct advocacy to activities consistent with the Association’s mission and purpose.

For details on previous advocacy activities and press releases by APB, please see: Your APB Voice – Communications and Press Releases.

How to advocate with APB


Members of APB are welcome to volunteer and join the Advocacy Committee and help the Association in opening dialogues on Biology issues. Joining the APB Advocacy Committee will provide opportunities to participate more broadly, and to collaborate with other professional associations and partners of APB.

Please contact the APB office to join the Advocacy Committee (; 250-483-4283).


Participate in individual advocacy projects via BioServe postings. Find out what other biology professionals are thinking! Discuss timely applied biology topics and issues. For more information on how to use Bioserve please see: About Bioserve.


Submit a request with the Advocacy Committee on a biology issue you would like the Association to consider for advocacy activities.

Please contact the APB office to submit a request with the Advocacy Committee (; 250-483-4283).