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APB comments on the future of wildlife management in BC.

The APB sent a letter to the newly formed provincial government over our concerns on the future of wildlife management in BC.  The APB feels this is an issue that should concern all British Columbians. See Letter to BC Government on Proposed Wildlife Mgmt Agency and APB Wildlife Agency Response Letter Press Release 12072017.

APB presents to Special Committee on Timber Supply

On July 10th, 2012 our Past President Pamela Zevit presented on behalf of the APB to the Special Committee on Timber Supply Legislative Assembly. Please see the attached position paper for further information.

APB provides input into the use of “Qualified Professionals”

Recently the APB participated in the Professional Reliance Challenge Dialogue.  Following the receipt of the various feedback on the Challenge Paper, and the workshop that was held on March 14 in Richmond, Terje Vold, Warren Mitchell,  and the Professional Reliance Cross-Ministry Working Group revised the draft framework and opportunity assessment tool based on that input.  One of the revisions was to change the name of the framework and tool,  to better reflect the full scope of qualified persons that may play a role in the administration of natural resource activities.

For your information, these are the final products from the Challenge Dialogue process.

  1. Draft  Framework for the Use of Qualified Persons

This is provided as a draft for further discussion and development.

  1. Use of Qualified Persons:  Opportunity Assessment Tool

This is “version 1.0” of a guide to identifying opportunities for the use of qualified persons.

  1. Consolidated Feedback

This document includes all comments received on the Challenge Paper, organized by the questions posed in the paper.  It is useful to provide an understanding of the range of perspectives on, issues with, and interests in the use of qualified persons.

APB advises government on Bill-38

The APB recently provided advice on the proposed changes to environmental legislation in Bill-38. Specifically the APB recommends the following:

1. Remove all the environmental components from the current Bill-38 and provide an appropriate time period for a scientific panel to provide unbiased detailed recommendations to assist government with improving these components;

  • additionally, since SARA is designed for cooperation between the Federal and Provincial governments, obtain input by the interministerial Canadian Endangered Species Conservation Council on this aspect of the proposed changes prior to enactment; and

2. include an appropriately qualified Registered Professional Biologist on the scientific panel.

We will also be contacting the offices of the Honourable Keith Ashfield, Honourable Peter Kent and Honourable Joe Oliver to arrange for formal meetings with the APB.

APB Submission- Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development Study

The APB was recently invited to appear before the “Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development Study”  to provide recommendations regarding the development of a National Conservation Plan. Our submission, provide by Past President, Pamela Zevit can be found here.

The Committee decided to undertake a study to provide recommendations regarding the development of a National Conservation Plan and will be travelling in May 2012 in order to hear from stakeholders and individuals whose on-the-ground efforts are addressing a wide number of issues in various ecosystem types across the country as well as hear from people directly involved in conservation efforts. Further details on the project can be found here.

APB Advises Government on Fisheries Act

This submission is on behalf of the Association of Professional Biology (APB) regarding proposed changes to Section 35 of the Fisheries Act.

APB response to MOE’s “Environmental Mitigation and Offsetting Policy for BC: A Discussion Paper”

This submission is on behalf of the Association of Professional Biology (Est’d 1980).The APB represents its members’ general interests and perspectives on the topic of mitigation and offsetting and requests that this submission be reviewed as such.

APB Comments on the Report of the BC Task Force on Species at Risk

The Association of Professional Biology (APB) appreciates the opportunity to provide additional feedback to government regarding the BC Species at Risk Task Force. Our original feedback from November 2010 was submitted prior to the release of the Task Force’s January 31st, 2011 report and is appended to that report. Ultimately, the key to successful conservation of species at risk is implementation of strategies that are founded in science with objectives understood by everyone involved. Avoiding the creation of new at-risk species must also be a tenet of any policy.

APB Submission to the Species at Risk Task Force

In August 2009, Premier Gordon Campbell announced in the speech from the throne that the Province will establish a task force on Species at Risk. The Species at Risk Task Force will provide recommendations to the B.C. government to help it update its vision for the conservation of species and ecosystems at risk and ensure British Columbia remains a leader in environmental sustainability.