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Making a difference through advocacy

One of the roles of the Association of Professional Biology (APB) is to advance the application, practice and understanding of biological sciences in an objective, professional manner.  The APB is unique in its ability to advocate on behalf of biology professionals, allowing  our member’s voice to be represented as part of our dialogue with external parties including other professional associations, industry and various levels of government.

Through advocacy the APB:

  • Demonstrates leadership to the public, its members and other professions;
  • Increases general understanding of the benefits of employing Biology Professionals;
  • Encourages the development and application of sound biological principles in the management and conservation of resources;
  • Informs and advises decision makers and the public of the potential impacts of land use and resource development on BC’s biological resources;
  • Promotes legislation governing the profession as a means of ensuring Biology Professionals maintain competency and accountability.

The APB Policy on Advocacy provides the criteria and defines the process for the Association when it engages in advocacy. While there may be many issues and opportunities of interest to individual members, the APB restricts its advocacy efforts to those consistent with the Association’s mission and purpose.

Introducing the APB Rapid Response Team!

Working for Biology Professionals is at the core of what the APB does. In June 2017 the APB sent out a request for member interest to help breathe new life into our advocacy file.  Members with expertise in various fields of applied biology agreed to volunteer their time and expertise, and assist the APB in crafting position statements.   A number of members from diverse expertise backgrounds stepped forward to form what became nicknamed the APB’s “Rapid Response Team.

The first effort by the APB Rapid Response Team, focused on the Province of BC’s proposed new wildlife agency was issued July 12, 2017

See the press release and the response.

Moving forward –Results of the APB Members Survey on Advocacy

There are numerous issues that the APB could take on and engage the Rapid Response Team in responding to.

To be effective, requires ongoing engagement and consultation with our membership.  In August 2017, the Members Survey on Advocacy was launched allowing members to provide feedback and perspectives on priority issues and broad policy areas. There was also an opportunity for members to convey their expectations on the nature and scope that the APB’s advocacy should take.   The results of the survey were synthesized in September and will inform the advocacy pathway and focus for the Association moving forward.

The APB Press Room

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