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Produced now in electronic format, BioNews is the official newsletter for communication amongst our membership. Providing member specific information on events, training opportunities and guidance, this document provides a concise overview of current news and events.

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Bionotes is APB’s new electronic newsletter. It offers a more diverse, easy to digest ‘dim sum’ approach to information sharing. APB can issue BioNotes more frequently, cover more diverse content, and post CPD and event offerings in a more timely fashion.

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Bioserve Archives

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Professional Conduct and Guidance Documents

The APB provides several guidance documents concerning professional conduct and practices. Check here for practical advice on common professional conduct issues.

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Advisory Practice Bulletins

Advisory practice bulletins provide advice and guidance to members.

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Professional Development (proceedings and webinars):


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APB and ABCFP presented a series of webinars on climate change.

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The APB is pleased to offer a condensed repository of journals that are directly relevant to the practice of applied biology.

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In addition, the APB is working to fulfil a resolution from the 2011 AGM to research enhanced journal options for its members. Stay tuned for more information on this service. If you have suggestions for articles or guidance topics, please contact the APB office (250.483.4283).

Member Survey Results (2012)

Using an online survey tool called “Obsurvey”, the APB board gave its members an opportunity to respond to a member survey. Conducted from November 15 to December 31, 2012, the survey addressed a variety of topics including annual conferences and training, member information, as well as employment and consulting.

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