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Become a Sponsor of the APB

The Association of Professional Biology (APB) invites you to join us in supporting the natural resource professional sector in BC. APB represents biology professionals and associate members who specialize in the study, management and conservation of our ecological capital. Through promoting high professional standards and the application of sound science in management and decision making, the APB contributes to an effective professional reliance landscape for BC’s natural resources.

Sponsor the APB and promote career development for biology professionals in BC. Proceed will contribute to multiple APB initiatives such as the newly launched APB Mentorship Program, and ongoing professional development including future workshops, webinars, in-person courses and other shared learning opportunities.

Take the next step in championing career development for biology professionals by directly supporting the APB Mentorship Program. The APB has launched its new and improved Mentorship Program. This program is designed to help up and coming biologists excel and acquire skills essentials to future employment and career opportunities while completing their education.

Our Board of Directors and membership thank you for your consideration and continued support for BC’s Biology Professionals and the science leaders of today and tomorrow.


To become a sponsor of the Association of Professional Biology please contact APB Office (info@professionalbiology.com; 250-483-4283).