Advertise Your Services

Free Advertising for Biology Professionals

Each month, the APB office gets enquiries for member’s services. We direct all enquiries to our Hire an RPBio search tool where Accredited Members can advertise themselves as accredited professional biologists for hire! If you would like to know how to make your contact information available, read on.

How to advertise your services on the APB website?

  1. Sign in
    You must be an Accredited Member of the Association of Professional Biology to advertise your services on this website. Please sign in to the APB website.

  2. Click on on your name above the main menu to open your profile

  3. Select the Tab "About Me" and update your expertise and employment profile

    The following fields will be displayed on your Hire an RPBio listing that is presented when someone does a searchfull name, city (or other location) where you are based, mobile phone number and email address. These details should be regularly updated in your profile if you choose to advertise your services on the APB website.  You can also provide a professional summary or short description of the principal fields you practice, the services you offer, and the history and background of you and your company. This information will be available if someone clicks on your name in the list produced by a search.

  4. Select the Tab "Preferences" and click YES to "Advertise on Find a Consultant"

    Your public profile will only be available to the public if you select YES to Advertise on Find a Consultant.

  5. Click on "View your Public Profile" below your profile picture.

    Your public profile is what users see when you choose to advertise your services on “Find a Consultant".