The Association of Professional Biology works to advance the application, practice and understanding of applied biology and represents professional biologists in British Columbia. Our practicing members are in good standing with organizations, such as BC's College of Applied Biologists and the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists that are governed by provincial legislation (e.g., the Professional Governance Act).


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The APB 2022 Virtual Fall Forum
Life After Reserved Practice: Now What?

Thursday, October 13, 2022
6:00 - 8:00 PM (PT)

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The Provincial Fisher Team and the Cumulative Effects and Integrated Monitoring Team invite you to two online public sessions this fall as part of their fisher recovery and management planning. To see the invitation, click below.

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This program helps up-and-coming biologists to prepare for future employment and career opportunities while completing their education. Click below to find out how you can become a mentor or a protége.

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Latest News and Articles


BC Government Fisher Conservation Forums

Posted on 9/27/2022
The Provincial Fisher Team and the Cumulative Effects and Integrated Monitoring Team will be hosting two online public sessions this fall as part of recovery planning and population management.


Practice Advisory Bulletin - Didymo

Posted on 8/6/2022
Didymo is a very large, easy to identify diatom. This once rare algae is invading freshwater systems across North America, including BC.


BC CDC releases 2022 Species and Ecosystems update

Posted on 7/27/2022
The 2022 species taxonomy and ecological community classification updates and changes to Provincial Conservation Status Ranks are available through BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer (BCSEE).