APB Mentorship Program

Enrich your leadership skills!

Become a mentor or a protégé.

The APB has launched its new and improved Mentorship Program. This program is designed to help up-and-coming biologists to excel and acquire skills essentials to future employment and career opportunities while completing their education.

The APB Mentorship Program has received strong support from the College of Applied Biologists as it provides College members with additional opportunities to maintain and improve their competencies, and assists them in meeting their professional obligations (see letter of support).

Become a Protégé

  • Three semesters (16 hrs each) – work at your own pace.
  • Choose a mentor you already know (any kind of professional or PhD) or we will assist and facilitate with pairing.
  • Work remotely.
  • Graduate and become an Alumnus with benefits!
  • Improve on your communication skills.

Become a Mentor

  • Strengthen your coaching and leadership skills.
  • Gain the satisfaction of helping to develop future professional biologists and inspire new ideas for generations to come.
  • Get recognition and acknowledgement through the APB’s Home page, and APB’s publications and Social Networks.
  • Develop and retain talent in your organization.
  • Learn mentoring techniques.
  • Earn professional development credits.

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The APB Vision

The APB vision for the APB Mentorship Program is to become a provincial leader as we provide a forum and the resources for mentors and protégés alike. This is an opportunity for our members to receive training and to share knowledge so that up-and-coming professionals can be better prepared to address the important biological issues of our time. Critical issues are affecting our provincial legacy of natural resources to the next generations and it is our responsibility as professional stewards to find effective means to address the problems we face collectively. Problems include climate change, new economic pressures, and biodiversity loss. These issues intersect our professional careers as we work with First Nations, industry, governmental policies, and the public at large. We hope to foster an environment where members can develop their professional skills and expertise to become leaders in resource management. Come and be a mentor or join us as a protégé to become part of a larger learning community. This is an opportunity to learn how to work within the profession as we mitigate and adapt to the many complex issues of our time.
Who Can Register?

Who can register into this program?

Anyone who is a member of the APB and not an R.P. Bio. can become a protégé. R.P. Bio.’s must register as mentors. If you are not a regular member, then feel free to apply as an “Affiliate Member”.  Anyone can become a mentor if they are a professional within the APB, a professional with another applicable scientific organization (e.g., RPF, PEng) with experience, of if they have sufficient credentials (e.g., PhD or MSc with experience).

Mentorship Program Application

The APB Mentorship Program includes a Handbook and Logbook to give guidance and direction for both mentors and protégés.  Incentives, certificates, worksheets, and other initiatives are all being considered for the program as it is being updated and re-structured.


Become a Sponsor


Become a sponsor of the APB Mentorship Program!

Take the next step in championing career development for novice professional biologists. Please contact the APB office for more information on how to become a sponsor.

For more information please contact:

[email protected]