APB Scholarships

The APB will normally fund up to two scholarships each year ($1500 for an APB member and $500 for a non APB member). The committee (or sub-committee as assigned) reserves the option to create graduate and undergraduate categories, and provide one scholarship for each (total of two), if the applications warrant this segregation. This is intended to provide undergraduates with an equal opportunity to compete for a scholarship with their graduate peers. Moreover, the Board may expand the scholarship program if additional funds become available during any given year.

Lindsay Myers – Recipient of the 2017 APB Scholarship for Non-members

Congratulation to Lindsay Myers who received the 2017 APB Scholarship for non-members.  Lindsay is a student in Molecular Biology at the Vancouver Island University and a single mother to two.  She is dedicated and plans to specialize in the control of diseases and illnesses through research in the field of medical technology.  The APB is happy to present Lindsay with $500 in scholarship.

Auguste dePennart – Recipient of the 2017 APB Scholarship

Congratulation to Auguste dePennart who received the 2017 APB Scholarship for members.  Auguste is a third-year student in the Applied Animal Biology Program at the University of British Columbia. With a strong interest for the conservation of rare and endangered wildlife species, Auguste hopes to help conservation efforts through animal rehabilitation. He plans to undertake graduate studies in veterinary medicine and specialized in wildlife care to be on the frontline of animal rehabilitation.  The APB is happy to present Auguste with $1500 in scholarship.

Sponsor the APB Scholarships

The Association of Professional Biology is seeking your professional biology membership support! 

Support for our members begins when they are students.  Each year, the APB awards deserving students scholarships up to $2000. The APB Scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated excellence, leadership, and future potential toward the biological profession. 

Through the APB Scholarship Program, the APB wants to recognize BC’s consulting firms willing to give back and pave the way ahead for deserving up and coming Biology Professionals. 

  • For as little as $50, your firm can contribute to the education and development of future Professional Biologists and your own potential employees.
  • Your firm’s name and logo will be included in the list of sponsors supporting the deserving student recipient through APB’s media (APB website, APB e-News Letter) and at the APB Annual Awards Banquet.
  • Your firm’s contribution will create awareness among biology students throughout the province of future employers and their community business practices.

Please consider an in-kind contribution as an investment opportunity in the future of Professional Biology in BC and recognition of your firm’s name as a valued sponsor, educator,employer, and BC community leader! 

Make a contribution to the APB Scholarship Program.

Thank you for your consideration!

Application Instructions

When applying for this scholarship, we require the following information, which should be assembled in a folder before mailing.

  1. Download and complete the application form. Submit form to registrar@professionalbiology.com.
  2. Include a short personal statement which tell us about yourself. Please expand on the following:
    Interests; Activities out of school time; and Your goals for the future.
  3. Include a current resume.
  4. Arrange for and include two letters of reference.
  5. Mail original transcripts to the APB office.


Terms of Reference


Applicants for the $1500 award may be:

  • the son or daughter, spouse, niece, nephew, granddaughter or grandson of a member in good standing of the APB entering the third or fourth year of an undergraduate program in biology or the second year of a diploma program in biology, or a closely related area as specified in the College schedule
  • a student member of the APB entering the third or fourth year of an undergraduate program in biology or the second year of a diploma program in biology, or a closely related area as specified in the College schedule
  • a Biologist in Training of the APB returning to university to pursue a higher degree
  • a Registered Biology Technologist in Training of the APB pursuing an undergraduate or higher degree
  • an R.P.Bio, in good standing with the APB returning to university to pursue a higher degree
  • an R.B.Tech. in good standing with the APB who is pursuing an undergraduate or higher degree

Applicants must be enrolled in an academic program, similar to those in the College membership guidelines, that leads to a degree or diploma that will be used as a practicing biology professional. Applicants will be eligible to re-apply for the scholarship in subsequent years. However, an applicant will only be eligible to receive a scholarship up to a maximum of two years.

Application Deadline

The final date for applications for the scholarship shall be July 31 of the year in which the student will be starting her/his second year (diploma) third or fourth year (degree) or entering/continuing a post-graduate program.

Information Required

Applicants are required to fill in the application form available on the web site.
Information required with the application includes:

  • a letter to the scholarship committee indicating the applicant’s qualifications, background, professional /extracurricular interests and activities and
  • two letters of reference.
  • Ensure original transcripts are mailed to the APB office to arrive prior to the deadline.

The information provided is to inform the committee about the applicant’s goals, life experiences, motivations and extracurricular activities.


Applications shall be reviewed by the Committee, convened by the Chair, or any combination of the Chair and two members of the APB (i.e. a “Selection Sub-committee”).

In the case of a conflict of interest (i.e. son, daughter, spouse, co-worker), a member of the Committee (or Selection Sub-committee) will step down and another member will be appointed by the remaining members or by the Board as so required.

Selection shall be on an assignment of points for each application, with the top scorer(s) receiving the scholarship(s).
In the case of a tie, the committee may:

  • interview the applicants by phone
  • review the applications
  • check with references
  • choose to divide the scholarship between the two individuals.

Applicants will be evaluated on a scale of 50 points where:

  • 20 points – evaluation of transcript;
  • 10 points – evaluation of letters of reference; and
  • 20 points – evaluation of personal information.

The committee may choose not to award a scholarship in any year in which there is no candidate scoring at least 40 points.


A cheque will be forwarded to the winner on proof of registration at the post-secondary institution specified in the application.


A brief write-up taken from the information supplied by the applicant will appear in BioNews and/or other APB media.