The BC Government has asked us to forward the following invitation to members and others who might be interested. PLEASE NOTE: These events have not been organized by the APB.

The Provincial Fisher Team and the Cumulative Effects and Integrated Monitoring Team will be hosting two online public sessions this fall as part of recovery planning for the red-listed Columbian fisher population and management of the blue-listed Boreal population. Attached is a one-page overview of the fisher recovery and management planning initiative.

The two online sessions will include:
Oct 14 2022 - Current Knowledge: latest research and proposed applications
A short summary of 3 recent research projects that will be discussed is attached to this email invitation as well as the complete report for one of the studies that was recently published.
You must register in advance for this session. Please use this link:
Nov 9 2022 - Current Management: assessment, lessons learned, and future options
The session will include a review of fisher conservation in Forest Stewardship Plans, experiences of those who have used existing fisher habitat guidance, and options for future management. If you would like to share your experiences in using existing fisher habitat guidance (bcfisherhabitat.ca), then please contact [email protected] to be added to the agenda.  
You must register in advance for this session. Please use this link:   

Why are these sessions being offered?
The fall 2022 online sessions build on a series of five webinars held in 2021-22 that created a framework for fisher recovery within the context of supporting forest ecosystem resilience. The next two online sessions offer opportunities to discuss ongoing work that is helping to create draft scenarios that integrate options for fisher recovery with best available information on forest biodiversity and impacts of climate change.
What are the agendas for these two meetings?
Proposed agendas are attached to this meeting invitation.
Have specific questions that you would like discussed?

After reviewing the agenda and background documents for the Oct 14th session, if you have questions or comments, then please email them to [email protected] by Friday, September 30th.