Member Benefits

When you join the APB you can take advantage of a variety of members-only benefits that are described below.

In addition to the benefits that the APB itself manages, we have been able to partner with third-party companies offering discounted products and services that could save you money on business and personal expenses. These include partnerships with Bell Mobility and Perkopolis that are NEW FOR 2023! See below for more information.

APB-Managed Benefits


The Association of Professional Biology works to advance the application, practice and understanding of applied biology and the role of professional biologists in British Columbia and beyond.

Whereas the role of accrediting organizations such as the College of Applied Biologists is, in its own words, to "protect the public interest" and be "the regulatory body for the applied biology profession", the focus of the APB is on being a collective "voice" for professional biologists and providing information, education and resources in professional and public matters related to applied biology.

The APB also informs and advises industry, government, and the public of the potential impact of policy and legislation on biological resources on behalf of and with the collaboration of our members.

For more information on our advocacy work, go here.


We often get inquiries from individuals, businesses and municipalities who need to connect with a professional biologist. If you are an Accredited Member of the APB and offer professional services in applied biology, you can add your contact information to our online directory so it can be found by organizations or individuals that are looking for a suitably-qualified expert in BC.

Conferences, Forums and Meetings

Every year the APB hosts a members conference and Annual General Meeting along with discussion forums, meetings and information sessions that bring together natural resource professionals and experts to network and share timely information related to applied biology. If we need to charge a registration fee for any of these events, we offer a discounted rate for our members.

Previous events we have hosted include:

  • 2022 Spring Conference & AGM on the subject of bioacoustics (a recording of which can be purchased here until December 31, 2022).
  • 2022 Virtual Fall Forum on Current Trends in Wildlife Management in BC and Beyond (a recording of which is available here).
  • 2023 Event on Migratory Birds Regulations 2022 Updates (Environmental and Climate Change Canada/Canadian Wildlife Service online presentation).
    Find out more here.

Professional Development and Practice Resources

As a member you get exclusive access to information and resources that can support you in your professional development and practice. These include:

  • Calendar of upcoming workshops, courses, conferences and other events hosted by the APB or third-parties. Members can also request to have their applied-biology event added to the Calendar so other members can find out about it.
  • BioServe, our electronic mailing list, provides members with timely news and information on issues, conferences, courses and events that might be of interest to applied biologists. It also gives members a means to connect with their peers if they need help, advice or support, or have discussion topics that fellow professionals might want to hear about.

These services are available to members through our Members Only menu.

APB Publications and Archives

Since its inception, the APB has published newsletters in several forms. Publication of the APB Newsletter in its current form is intermittent due to the pandemic but we are expecting to publish one or more issues in 2023 and offer our members access to archived copies of past publications.

  • APB Newsletter - includes a Letter from the President, information about the APB's goals, programs and benefits, and member profiles.
  • BioNews (archives only)
  • BioNotes (our original official publication - archives only)

Members can access these publications through a link in our Members Only menu.

Third-Party Benefits

The APB-managed benefits described above are supported by offerings from a few third-party companies that we think members could benefit from in their practices and daily lives. These include special prices on Bell Mobility cell phone plans and devices through Bell's partnership program for associations, and discounts on a variety of products and services, including hotels, car rentals and flights, via Perkopolis (registration required). Members can also get preferred rates on Professional Liability Insurance from Hub International.

For more information on these benefits, see below or contact us at [email protected].

Hub International

Accredited Members of the APB qualify for an exclusive insurance program designed for professionals. 

To find out more, see below.

Preferred Rates on Professional Liability Insurance from Hub International

Accredited Members of the APB qualify for an exclusive insurance program designed for professionals. This program is available through HUB International Insurance Brokers. It is part of group coverage subscribed to by numerous professional associations nationwide, providing you with the power to leverage the best insurance coverage, value and service on the strength of our vast global resources and solid local relationships.

Key benefits from this program include:

  • Exceptional coverage and limits,
  • All prior work would be covered once the policy is put in place
  • The application process is quick and easy
  • Coverage carries on through retirement for past work if you meet the requirements

To download a guide to the key benefits of the Association Professional Liability programs click HERE

For more information and to apply for this exclusive insurance cover, please contact

Jordan Fellner
HUB International, Account Manager
Phone: 604‐269‐1888
Toll Free: 1‐800‐606‐9969
Fax: 604‐269‐1001
Email: [email protected]

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