Member Benefits

Membership with the APB confers a range of benefits from discounts on professional training and insurance to journal subscriptions and other affinity programs. When you become a member, you also have access to key professional resources designed to help guide and advance your work and practice.

Professional Liability Insurance with exceptional coverage

Accredited Members of the APB qualify for an exclusive insurance program designed for professionals. This program is available through HUB International Insurance Brokers. It is part of group coverage subscribed to by numerous professional associations nationwide, providing you with the power to leverage the best insurance coverage, value and service on the strength of our vast global resources and solid local relationships.

Key benefits from this program include:

  • Exceptional coverage and limits,
  • All prior work would be covered once the policy is put in place
  • The application process is quick and easy
  • Coverage carries on through retirement for past work if you meet the requirements

To download a guide to the key benefits of the Association Professional Liability programs click HERE


For more information and to apply for this exclusive insurance cover, please contact:

Jordan Fellner
HUB International, Account Manager
Phone: 604‐269‐1888
Toll Free: 1‐800‐606‐9969
Fax: 604‐269‐1001
Email: [email protected]

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Consultant's Corner

Members of APB can advertise their services on the APB website through our Hire an RPBio service, or can either look for employment opportunities or post jobs at discount rate on our Job Board.

Professional Development

A key purpose of the Association of Professional Biology is providing the tools and resources for our members (and other affiliated resource professionals) to maintain competency through training, education and mentorship opportunities.

  • Check the APB Calendar of Events for upcoming workshops, education and conferences.  APB sponsors education throughout the province based on demand as provided through communications with our members.
  • Enjoy the APB Annual Professional Biology Conference at discount rate. The event brings together natural resource professionals and experts, tradeshow booth hosts and sponsors to network and share timely knowledge in the biological field.
  • Become a mentor and sponsor a Biology student. The purpose of the  APB Mentorship Program is to link up and coming biology professionals with those who have established careers and expertise that can be transferred and shared informally.

Networking Opportunities

Being an APB member means having select access to the expertise of other biology professionals and a variety of resources through venues such as

  • The APB Annual Professional Biology Conference;
  • Training and workshop opportunities, which are detailed in the APB Calendar of Events; and
  • BioServe, our Electronic Forum, which provides a means for direct communications to peers within the profession and involves debate and information exchange on topics related to the APB and professional biology. Expect over 1,000 individuals to appreciate any information or perspectives that you bring to their electronic doorstep.

APB – A Voice for Professional Biologists

On behalf of and with the collaboration of its members, the APB informs and advises industry, government, and the public of the potential impact of policy and legislation on biological resources. When APB engages in advocacy on important environmental issues such as climate change, it is as per the guidelines from the APB Advocacy Policy. See details on Your APB Voice – Press Room.

Education and Services for Biology Students

  • Biology students can seek mentorship from biology professionals who have established careers and expertise through the APB Mentorship Program.
  • Every year the APB offers up to $2000 to Biology students.

Access to Information

  • Journals
    • NRC-CNRC Journals
  • APB Publications
    • BioNews (archives only)
    • BioNotes (presently suspended and being reviewed)
    • Your APB Voice – Communications and Press releases
  • BioServe
    • Online APB Forums
    • Events and workshop advertisement
  • Proceedings: Conferences/Workshops

Preferred Rates

Enjoy preferred rates for insurance, legal services, and much more through our Member Services & Affinity Programs.

APB members must be logged in to view details for many of these programs. We recommend you login prior to browsing the list of services and benefits.

  • Insurances
    • Professional Liability
    • Benefit
    • Small Business
  • Professional Development
    • Conference and Workshops
  • Publication Subscriptions
    • National Post
    • NRC-CNRC Journals